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DP0701 RTK GNSS (F9T) GNSS receiver drotek


Deliver nanosecond-level timing accuracy with a high precision Multi-band GNSS receiver.

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DP0701 positioning module features u-blox RTK ZED-F9T receiver platform, which provides nanosecond-level timing accuracy to high volume industrial applications.

DP0701 RTK GNSS (F9T) provides nanosecond-level timing accuracy to the most demanding industrial applications. The ZED-F9T module is designed to meet the most stringent timing synchronization requirements in 5G mobile networks on a global scale. By significantly reducing the time error of the primary source of cellular network synchronization, the ZED-F9T will help you to maximize the performance of your networks and optimize the return on your investment in 5G communications. Indeed, it reduces the timing error under clear skies to less than 5 ns without the need for an external GNSS correction service. To further improve accuracy locally, DP0701 ZED-F9T receiver features differential timing modes that exchange correction data with other neighboring GNSS timing receivers via a communication network.

Meet 5G accuracy requirements

            Ideal for global deployments due to GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, and GLONASS reception.

            Unaffected by ionospheric errors.

            Differential timing mode for highly accurate local timing.

            Built-in security for highest robustness against malicious attacks as jamming or spoofing.

The module has a single RF input for all the GNSS bands, which simplifies antenna selection. Discover our selection of antennas.

DP0701 RTK GNSS (F9T) enables to address concerns regarding the integrity and resilience of GNSS-based timing synchronization solutions for critical infrastructure applications. This GNSS receiver achieve unmatched immunity against spoofing and jamming attacks by combining concurrent reception of four GNSS satellite constellations with multi-band signal reception that means the module has the ability to concurrently receive multi-band signals from America’s GPS, Europe’s Galileo, Russia’s GLONASS, and China’s Beidou satellites.

This package includes

1 x DP0701 F9T RTK GNSS

3x JST-GH 6pins cables

Add the relevant antenna to your module

Maximize your GNSS receiver's positioning performance with our optimal GPS / GNSS antennas for your applications. Discover our selection covering GPS, GLONASS, COMPASS and Galileo.

Protect your module against intermodulation and saturation, provide superior multi-path rejection and axial ratio with our Multi-band GNSS Antennas.

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