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Dropix pack drotek

Dropix pack

Control any autonomous vehicle through this advanced autopilot system designed by Drotek. Get incredible performance, flexibility and reliability with the Dropix technology.

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Dropix Option
Power Module
Telemetry Kit 433MHz

Flexible and powerful autonomous flight modes

Execute pre-programmed missions and guide your vehicule without operator intervention.

Automate common tasks like takeoff, returning to the home position, and landing.

Accept commands from an offboard computer or ground station.

Integrate directly this OEM product into your systems.

Lua scripting of missions and flight behavior

& Custom PX4 driver layer ensuring tight timing across all processes.

New peripheral automatically detected and configured.

Digital airspeed sensor, external multi-color LED indicator and external magnetometer.

Use QGroundControl to load your Dropix onto the vehicle control hardware.

Setup the vehicle

Get real-time flight information

Create and execute fully autonomous missions

Ardupilot firmware works on many different boards to control unmanned vehicles of all types.

Coupled with ground control software, unmanned vehicles running Ardupilot can have advanced functionality including real-time communication with operators.

Mechanical dropix no soldered      Mechanical dropix soldered

Size68 x 50 x 5 mmSize84 x 56 x 11mm
Spacing45mmSpacing45 mm
Connectors      Throught Hole                   ConnectorsTriple solder connector
Operating T°-20°C to 60°COperating T°               -20°C to 60°C

Mechanical dropix with caseHardware

Weight45gProcessorsIO processor STM32F1
Size63 x 87 x 15mmFMU processor STM32F4
SpacingNo holeSensorsMPU6000
ConnectorsTriple solder connectorLSM303
Operating T°-20°C to 60°CL3GD20




Supply Voltage4.7V / 5.3VPWMx8
Power SupplyPower Module, USBI2Cx2

Independent servo RailAnalogicx2
Average current consumption200mAUSBx1
Logic Level Voltage3.3V
ConnectorsTriple solder connector

 Access Dropix Autopilot User Guide on Drotek documentation.

PX4 Autopilot documentation here.

Access Ardupilot documentation here and learn more about Mission planner.

QGroundcontrol platform here.

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