Ublox NEO-M8U GPS + LIS3MDL compass (XL)

Ublox NEO-M8U GPS + LIS3MDL compass (XL)


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The U-blox NEO-M8U GPS + LIS3MDL Magnetometer (XL) operates independently of any vehicle connection, perfect for after-market applications. This module includes built-in inertial sensors and offer real-time outputs for interactive displays.

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The U-blox NEO-M8U GPS + LIS3MDL Magnetometer (XL) module introduces UDR technology (Untethered Dead Reckoning) which provides continuous navigation without requiring speed information from the vehicle.

This technology brings continuous positioning in urban environments, even to devices with antennas installed within the vehicle. Useful positioning performance is also available during complete signal loss, for example in short tunnels or parking garages. With UDR, positioning starts as soon as power is applied to the module, before the first GNSS fix is available.

The NEO-M8U includes u-blox’s latest generation GNSS receiver, which adds Galileo to the multi-constellation reception that already includes GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and QZSS. The module provides high sensitivity and fast GNSS signal acquisition and tracking.

This package includes

1 x Ublox GPS + Magnetometer

1 x JST-GH Cable

Mechanical           Electrical                Hardware

Size   50 x 50 x 10mmSupply Voltage5V    Chip    M8U
Weight26gAverage Current Consumption33mASensor

LIS3MDL magnetometer

Spacing45mmLogical Level Voltage3.3VAntennaPassive
WiresJST-GH 6pins to JWT
Operating T°-20°C to 60°C

Ports    Data       GNSS

SMA  x1Input Protocole  UBX NMEASignal  Beidou GPS Glonass Galileo
EXT INT interruptx1Output ProtocoleUBX NMEATracking Channels72
Jack Connectorx1LogsUSB UARTUpdate Rate14Hz / 5Hz
Time Pulsex1

Positionning           Software / DOC

Survey inDocumentation Drotek   https://www.drotek.com/ftp/pdf/Guide_Ublox_7_8(EN).pdf
Accuracyu-blox datasheethttps://www.u-blox.com/en/product/neo-m8u-module
Convergence Timeu-blox partnerhttps://www.u-blox.com/en/product/drotek-gpsgnss-antennas
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