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Discover the world smallest RTK GPS based on u-blox NEO-M8P (GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou / Galileo). 

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XXL RTK, a precision GNSS and Plug & Play solution designed specifically for the base role.

The NEO-M8P, with centimeter-level accuracy, uses Real Time Kinematic (RTK) technology to achieve the GNSS performance needed for unmanned vehicles and other applications requiring accurate guidance.

Use XXL RTK Technology to move faster and more accurately.

Operate more efficiently and automatically return to base station platforms.

UAV, unmanned vehicles and Precision Agriculture guidance

Allow your module to be autonomous and independant of external power sources thanks to rechargeable batteries included.

A powerful platform for product evaluation, configuration, testing 

and realtime performance visualization of u-blox GNSS receiver products.

Interactive and easy to use

Extensive configuration, control features & output messages

Real‑time display from a GNSS receiver via RS232 and USB interface

Enables comparative performance analysis of GNSS receivers that output NMEA messages 

Use QGroundControl to load your Dropix onto the vehicle control hardware

Setup the vehicle

Get real-time flight information 

Create and execute fully autonomous missions

This package includes

1 x ublox RTK XXL module

1 x JST-GH 6pins cable

Charger 12V / 1A (PLUG : EU)

Mechanical           Electrical                Hardware

Size   107 x 107 x 84mmSupply Voltage5V    Chip    M8P-2
Weight390gAverage Current Consumption33mASensorNone
SpacingScrew Adapter for TripodLogical Level Voltage3.3VAntennaActive
WiresJST-GH 6pinsSWITCHNone
Operating T°-20°C to 60°C

Ports    Data       GNSS

USB  x1Input Protocole  RTCM3 UBX NMEASignal  Beidou GPS Glonass Galileo
UARTx1Output ProtocoleRTCM3 UBX NMEATracking Channels72
UARTx1LogsUSB UARTUpdate Rate14Hz / 5Hz
Jack Connectorx1

Positionning           Software / DOC

Survey inDrotek Documentation
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