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RTK ZED-F9P GNSS (engineering product)


Delivers centimeter level accuracy in seconds with a high precision Multi-band GNSS module.

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Expedition date : February 11th

The RTK ZED-F9P GNSS positioning module features u-blox F9 receiver platform, which provides multiband GNSS to high volume industrial applications.

Enjoy fast convergence times and high update rate for highly dynamic applications.

Get all major GNSS constellations reception (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo , BeiDou, plus QZSS reception) owing to its multi-band RF front-end architecture.

The RTK ZED-F9P GNSS enables precise navigation and automation of moving machinery in industrial and consumer grade products in a compact surface mounted form factor. The module includes Moving Base support, allowing both Base and Rover to move while computing a centimeter-level accurate position between them. Moving Base is ideal for UAV applications where the UAV is programmed to follow its owner or to land on a moving platform. It is also well suited to attitude sensing applications where both Base and Rover modules are mounted on the same moving platform and the relative position is used to derive attitude information for the vehicle or tool. ZED-F9P comes with built-in support for standard RTCM corrections, supporting centimeter-level navigation from local base stations or from virtual reference stations (VRS) in a Network RTK setup. 

This package includes

ZED-F9P Module

3x JST-GH 6pins cables

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Mechanical           Electrical                Hardware

Size   50 x 50 x 13mmSupply Voltage5V    Chip    ZED-F9 ublox
Weight18gAverage Current Consumption50mAESD protection
Spacing45mmLogical Level Voltage3.3VSupported AntennaActive
Wires3x JST-GH to JWTMagnetic protection shield
Operating T°-40°C to 80°C

Ports    Data       GNSS

USB  Input Protocole  RTCM3 UBX NMEASignal  GPS / QZSS GLONASS • Galileo •BeiDou
SMAOutput ProtocoleRTCM3 UBX NMEATracking and nav.-167 dBm
UARTConnectivityUSB UARTUpdate Rate5Hz to 10Hz
I2CReceiver type184-channel u-blox F9 engine GPS L1C/A L2C, GLO L1OF L2OF, GAL E1B/C E5b, BDS B1I B2I, QZSS L1C/A L2C

Positionning           Software / DOC

Nav. update rate RTK up to 20 Hz1Datasheet F9P
Position accuracyRTK 0.01 m + 1 ppm CEPDrotek Docs
Convergence TimeRTK < 10 secProduct summary

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